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Harrison: La Koro Sutro
Suite for Violin with American Gamelan
BMOP/sound 1037
July 2014
Anthony Davis: Notes from the Underground
You Have the Right to Remain Silent | Wayang V
BMOP/sound 1036
March 2014
Lewis Spratlan: Apollo and Daphne Variations
A Summer's Day | Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra
BMOP/sound 1035
February 2014
George Antheil: Ballet Mécanique
A Jazz Symphony
BMOP/sound 1033
January 2014
Levering: Parallel Universe
New World 80750-2
January 2014
Milton Babbitt: All Set
Composition for Twelve Instruments | Correspondences | Paraphrases | The Crowded Air | From the Psalter
BMOP/sound 1034
December 2013
Mathew Rosenblum: Möbius Loop
Sharpshooter | Double Concerto
BMOP/sound 1032
October 2013
Andy Vores: Goback Goback
Fabrication 11: Cast | Fabrication 13: Monster
BMOP/sound 1030
September 2013
Arthur Berger: Words for Music, Perhaps
Chamber Music for 13 Players | Septet | Diptych: Collage I and Collage II | Collage III
BMOP/sound 1031
September 2013
Jacob Druckman: Lamia
That Quickening Pulse | Delizie Contente che l'Alme Beate | Nor Spell Nor Charm | Suite from Médée
BMOP/sound 1029
August 2013