An all-new and colorful lineup: Surround Sound, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Magyar Madness, and Blizzard Sounds.

Three- and four-concert subscriptions are currently available to order!

An evocative set of orchestral works from local composer Scott Wheeler: Crazy Weather, City of Shadows, and Northern Lights.

BMOP/sound's release guest-stars violinist Gabriela Diaz in the Suite for Violin with American Gamelan, the Providence Singers in La Koro Sutro, and BMOP's own unique American Gamelan!

Gil Rose, conductor

In 1996, Gil Rose set out to restore a widening disconnect between contemporary audiences and contemporary music. Today BMOP remains dedicated to its mission and is the leading orchestra for commissioning, performing, and recording modern orchestral music.


“We didn’t know how much we needed BMOP until they appeared. Now we do. It is important for all of us who care about music to turn up the heat, and ensure its future.”
— John Harbison

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