Recording Release Date 
August 2020
SACD Recording 
Recording Length 
Disc 1: 83:30
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

PLEASE NOTE: This is an overlength CD. Though it has been successfully playtested on multiple CD players, some older models may not be able to play this CD in full. It will work on all SACD players.

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News and Press

[CD Review] When Boston Ruled the Music World

When I moved to Massachusetts in the mid-1970s to start a doctorate at Boston University, there was a specific professor I wanted to study with: the formidable pianist Leonard Shure.

But Shure was hardly the only renowned pedagogue in Boston. The city had at that point long been a hub of academic music, with distinguished programs at Harvard, Brandeis and Boston universities, the New England Conservatory, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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