Friday, January 27, 2012 | 8:00pm
Program Notes hosted by The Score Board at 7:00pm
Andrew Norman Air: Concerto for Theremin (2011)
Dalit Warshaw, theremin
Keeril Makan Dream Lightly: Electric Guitar Concerto (2008)
Seth Josel, electric guitar
Eric Chasalow Horn Concerto (2008)
Bruno Schneider, french horn
Avner Dorman Mandolin Concerto (2006)
Avi Avital, mandolin
Luciano Berio Chemins II su Sequenza VI (1967)
John Stulz, viola

Gil Rose, conductor

The Score Board is a group of New England-based composers serving as BMOP's vanguard of composer-advocates through volunteerism, direct support and activities, community-building, and curating BMOP's annual Club Concert series.

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[Concert Review] Mandolin Power! And other Unexpected Delights

On Friday, January 27, the Boston Modern Orchestra Project (a.k.a. BMOP) presented Strange Bedfellows: Unexpected Concertos, showcasing instruments don't get to be concerto soloists as often as their ubiquitous cousins, like violin or piano. Here, the spotlight was on viola, electric guitar, mandolin, theremin and French horn. All but one of the pieces were written in the last six years, and together they showed that contemporary classical music is thriving — don't let anyone tell you different!

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