Eric Moe: Kick & Ride

BMOP/sound 1021
November 2011
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

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Track Listing

Disc 1
  •  Superhero (2006)
  • 1.I. learning to fly

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  • 2.II. early loss
  • 3.III. rescuing a planet in distress
  • 4.IV. existential crisis (what's it all for?)
  • 5.V. showdown with evil twin
  • 6.Eight Point Turn (2001)

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  •  Kick & Ride (2008)
  • 7.I. The Cracked Tune That Chronos Sings
  • 8.II. Slipstream

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News & Press

May 23, 2012 — Composer, pianist, teacher Eric Moe is a busy man. Not only does he compose, quite often on commission; teach composition and theory at the University of Pittsburgh; and occasionally lend his keyboard talent to the cause of other composers, he is also codirector of the Music on the Edge, a new-music series that brings many of the leading lights of contemporary music to the city.
Audiophile Audition Full review
March 20, 2012 — Kick & Ride proves an apt title for composer Eric Moe's recent BMOP Sound release, highlighting his use of drum set and percussion throughout the three compositions represented. The high energy works, characterized by Moe in the liner notes as "cantankerous sisters," indeed deliver shots of dramatic flair and suspenseful anxiety that could nearly persuade a listener to skip that all-important morning cup of coffee.
NewMusicBox Full review
February 11, 2012 — Warning: Consuming Kick & Ride (the Boston Modern Orchestra Project's newest recording that features three drum-heavy works by Eric Moe) while in anything even hinting at a bad mood could lead to broken mugs at Starbucks, holes in apartment walls or shoving matches on a downtown 6 train platform.
WQXR Full review
January 13, 2012 — 2011 was a very fruitful year for recording projects by members of the Department of Music. Eric Moe, Nathan Davis, Bryan Wright, Donna Amato, and IonSound Project all released new CDs. Boston Modern Orchestra Project released a CD of music by composition professor Eric Moe on the new BMOP Sound label. Kick and Ride takes its title from the Moe's concerto for Drum Set and Orchestra with Robert Schulz as soloist. The CD also contains earlier Moe works Superhero and Eight Point Turn.
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