January 2020
Disc 1: 48:52
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

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Track listing

Disc 1 
 Les Quatre Temps Cardinaux (2013-14)
1.Prelude/Stanza 1a [Daumal]
2.Stanza 1b [Daumal]
3.Spring Light [Creeley]
4.Stanza 2a [Daumal]
5.Fragments (from Neruda)
6.Stanza 2b [Daumal]
7.Stanza 3a [Daumal]
8.Stanza 3b [Daumal]
9.Buffalo Evening [Creeley]
10.Stanza 4a [Daumal]
11.Insomnia [Gioia]
12.Stanza 4b [Daumal]/Postlude

News and Press

[CD Review] Sequenza21 reviews David Felder: Les Quatre temps Cardinaux

David Felder has taught for a number of years at SUNY Buffalo, running the June in Buffalo Festival and mentoring countless contemporary composers in the school’s illustrious graduate program. His own works are multi-faceted, incorporating muscular gestures, modernist harmonies, innovative timbres, and, oftentimes, electronics. Felder’s recent music is given sterling performances on two CDs, one of his chamber music on Coviello and another of his orchestra piece Les Quatre Temps Cardinaux on BMOPsound.

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