Attila Keller
June 1, 2008

The Y2K doomsday scenario and all its associated satire had grown tiresome long before 1999 was up. Neverthless, this hasn’t stopped composer Michael Gandolfi revisiting the topic with his latest release Y2K Compliant.

Performed by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP) and conducted by Gil Rose, the eponymous piece is a surprisingly upbeat fusion of paired woodwinds, horns, and strings. Comprising three movements, the piece begins in simplistic fashion, conjuring a polytempo effect. The slow middle movement strives for strong, tonal harmony and forceful dissonance, before the finale culminates in an orchestral interpretation of a human reverb.

Gandolfi’s latest release is intricate, with a healthy smattering of quirkiness to counterbalance its complexity. However, anybody expecting to hear a recent performance from the BMOP will be disappointed - each piece was recorded over half a decade ago