Tuesday, March 6, 2007 | 7:00pm
Doors open for full bar and table service at 6:00pm
Annie Gosfield Quicksilver (1992)
Randy Woolf Lost Signals and Drifting Satellites (2003)
Lisa Bielawa Synopsis #3: I think We Should Tell Her (2006)
Yotam Haber Purity Guaranteed (2002)
Jacob Cooper Not Just Another Piece for Solo Bass Drum (2005)
Robert Schulz, percussion
Lisa Bielawa Synopsis #5: He Figures Out What Clouds Mean (2007)
Terry Everson, trumpet
Allen Vizzutti Cascades (1980)
Peter Gilbert Epigrams (2000)

Hosted by Lisa Bielawa, Composer in Residence

Bringing new music to uncommon places. BMOP's exceptional musicians take the stage in the Moonshine Room for these informal Tuesday night concerts. Club Cafe's full bar and menu are available for those wishing to dine during the performance.

Presented by the Council for the Arts at MIT and the MIT Graduate Student Life Grants.

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