October 25, 2012

"The mixture of influences, references and textures is both blindingly apparent and blindingly gorgeous." – WQXR Radio

"…enterprising…" – Gramophone Magazine

"I should think that any lover of new music would really like this and most people would at least be transfixed by the creativity…orchestration is lush…wholly engaging…" –
Audiophile Audition

"The performance, under the direction of Gil Rose, is a blast, hitting the score's marks with a kind of joyfully volatile precision." – New Music Box

"What I love about Devolution, the album and its title piece, is that where De Ritis could be dealing in straight-up gimmicks—Beethoven's Seventh and Ravel's Bolero meeting on a sort of musical battleground as the orchestra plays something else entirely—it's actually an illuminating look at these two disparate works within the context of a new work. Rather than fight one another, everybody wins in the end." – WQXR Radio