September 2020
Disc 1: 62:14
Disc 2: 56:53
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

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Track listing

Disc 1 
 The Triumph of Saint Joan Symphony (1952)
1.I. The Maid
2.II. The Warrior
3.III. The Saint
 The Trial at Rouen (1956): Scene I
5."Mover of the Universe"
6."Yield, my pigeon, yield!"
7."Is it for this I crowned a king?"
8."O good maid, my heart is with you"
9."Are you the price of life's sweet breath?"
Disc 2 
 Scene II
2."Come on, Soldier, let us in, we've come to see the trial begin"
3."Have you no respect in the presence of the Holy Office?"
4."I call on Thee, Eternal God"
5."Look, she's still in chains"
6."Then in the name of Heaven, end this trial"
7."I have never denied it, but you contradict what my voices tell me."
8."In our time of trouble"
9."Was Saint Michael unclothed when he appeared before you?"
10."The maid is doomed"
11."Do what you will but do not burn me."
12."Fear not, daughter of France, thy saints draw near, Joan of Lorraine"
13."Be brave, O girl, in your hour of death"
14."Your final will be done."