Mathew Rosenblum: Möbius Loop
Recording Release Date 
October 2013
SACD Recording 
Recording Length 
Disc 1: 59:15
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

Mathew Rosenblum: Möbius Loop will twist your a good way.

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[CD Review] Fanfare Magazine on Rosenblum: Möbius Loop

Fanfare readers have met Mathew Rosenblum in reviews by Robert Kirzinger in 23:5 and Robert Carl, who covered a New World disc of several works about a year ago, in 36:3. Both of my colleagues liked his music a great deal, and so do I. Rosenblum has forged a unique compositional voice, in part from the tuning and temperament that he employs in his music. The 21-tone and 19-tone scales that permit intervals in just intonation are among the tools in his toolbox.

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[CD Review] The Mind-Bending, Ear-Opening Music of Mathew Rosenblum

"Möbius Loop" is an apt enough title for composer Mathew Rosenblum's new record from the Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP). Like that topological construct, the album's titular concerto for the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet, presented here in versions with and without orchestral accompaniment, is both a mind-bending illusion and an elegant feat of mathematics – and so, for that matter, is every other composition on this disc.

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