April 2020
Disc 1: 64:48
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

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Track listing

Disc 1 
 The Fisherman and His Wife (1970)
1.Scene I: A humble hut, with net curtains and a plain stool; dawn
2.Scene II: Seaside; water sparkling blue, sky dawn-pink yielding to fair blue
3.Scene III: The hut; lunchtime
4.Scene IV: Seaside; sea green and yellow, light faintly ominous
5.Scene V: A cottage, with a pleasant garden and velvet chair
6.Scene VI: Seaside; water purple and murky blue, hint of a storm
7.Scene VII: A castle, with a great rural vista, tapestries, and an ivory canopied bed
8.Scene VIII: Seaside; water dark gray, definite howling of sullen wind
9.Scene IX: Flourishes and fanfares of brass
10.Scene X: Seaside; much wind, high sea and tossing, sky red along edges, red light suffuses
11.Scene XI: A papal palace
12.Scene XII: Seaside; storm, lightning, sea quite black. The pit of creation.
13.Scene XIII: A humble hut

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[CD Review] Textura reviews Gunther Schuller: The Fisherman and His Wife

In certain respects, The Fisherman and His Wife picks up where last year's recording by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP) and Odyssey Opera, the 2020 Grammy Award-winning Fantastic Mister Fox, left off. Both are delightful, ‘family friendly' operas based on endearing tales, Roald Dahl for Tobias Picker's and The Brothers Grimm (its libretto adaptation by John Updike) for Gunther Schuller's.

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[CD Review] Gapplegate reviews Gunther Schuller: The Fisherman and His Wife

The late Gunther Schuller (1925-2015) was enormously influential on the American musical scene as I grew up. He was a Modern composer of great breadth and originality, one of the main forces behind so-called Third Stream Music which sought to meld Classical and Jazz, a major innovator in music education in his leading role at the New England Conservatory, and a musicologist and author of great consequence, writing among other things the classic Early Jazz.

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