November 2020
Disc 1: 80:54
Disc 2: 52:35
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

Coming Friday, November 20!

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Track listing

Disc 1 
 Act I
1.Scene 1: In the Sad City of Alifbay
2.Scene 2: A Story
3.Scene 3: Enter Two Men
4.Scene 4: On the Road
5.Scene 5: To the Valley of K
6.Scene 6: In the Dark
7.Scene 7: In the Valley of K
8.Scene 8: Meeting Mr. Buttoo
9.Scene 9: The Floating Gardens
10.Scene 10: On the Houseboat
11.Scene 11: Changing Bedrooms
12.Scene 12: The Story Tap
13.Scene 13: Flying to the Moon
14.Scene 14: Wishwater
15.Scene 15: The Story He Drank
16.Scene 16: Flying to Gup City
17.Scene 17: War is Declared
Disc 2 
 Act II
1.Scene 1: Rescue the Princess!
2.Scene 2: To the Twilight Strip
3.Scene 3: On the Way to the South Pole
4.Scene 4: They Were Being Pulled Slowly Forwards
5.Scene 5: Meanwhile, at the Citadel of Chup
6.Scene 6: At the Door of P2C2E House
7.Scene 7: Mr. Buttoo's Rally
8.Scene 8: Back Home
9.Scene 9: Haroun Wakes in His Bedroom at Dawn