Recording Release Date 
October 2011
SACD Recording 
Recording Length 
Disc 1: 67:39
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

BMOP/sound revives the works of this century’s most influential Armenian-American composer.

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[CD Review] Fanfare reviews Alan Hovhaness: Exile Symphony

Back when I was a teenager, I was obsessed with the music of Alan Hovhaness, and was also uninhibited to an extent that is a bit embarrassing in retrospect. During that period, after attending a concert of the New York Philharmonic, I forced my way back to Leonard Bernstein’s dressing room, and asked him whether he ever intended to perform anything by Hovhaness.

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[CD Review] MusicWeb International reviews Alan Hovhaness: Exile Symphony

One doubts that the world will ever wholly manage to come to terms with the music of Hovhaness. The sheer volume of his output – over five hundred works including seven operas and sixty-seven symphonies, and that excludes his music before 1940 much of which was destroyed by the composer – rivals the prolixity of seventeenth century composers such as Bach or Vivaldi.

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[CD Review] Audiophile Audition reviews Alan Hovhaness: Exile Symphony

When a composer has written well over 500 works, one can assume that there will be some unevenness in his production. Despite the fact that a number of Alan Hovhaness's pieces have entered the standard repertoire and that recording projects turn up interesting, little-heard music by the composer on a regular basis, Hovhaness's production is indeed uneven. Remarkably, those 500 works are just the tip of the musical iceberg.

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[CD Review] MusicWeb reviews Alan Hovhaness: Exile Symphony

For a composer known of because of his 67 symphonies and seven operas this disc presents Hovhaness the miniaturist.

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[CD Review] Classical CD Review Reviews Alan Hovhaness: Exile Symphony

Imagined Armenias. Undoubtedly, Alan Hovhaness stands as an American original. He has taken from very few. He sounds like nobody else. You can tell a Hovhaness work within a few seconds. Others have even made use of his innovations without, of course, his unique poetry or giving him any credit at all. Hovhaness composed music easily -- like writing a letter, as he put it. Forget Mozart and the Marriage of Figaro overture. Hovhaness, dissatisfied with a symphony in rehearsal, did turn out an entirely new movement in a night.

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[Press Release] BMOP/sound Wraps Up 2011 With Two New Releases

BMOP/sound, the nation's foremost label launched by an orchestra and devoted exclusively to new music recordings, today announced the release of two new albums for 2011 – Alan Hovhaness: Exile Symphony (Release: 10/2011) and Eric Moe: Kick & Ride (Release: 11/2011). Marking 21 records to date, BMOP/sound continues to showcase orchestral works that are otherwise unavailable in recorded form.

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