July 2008
Disc 1: 67:00
Disc 2: 65:20
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

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Track listing

Disc 1 
 Our American Cousin (2007)
 Act I
2.Scene 1: A Sneeze
3.Scene 1: Arts of Theater
4.Scene 2: Harry Hawk's Substitute
5.Scene 2: Walking a Corduroy Road
6.Scene 3: Mathews and Booth
7.Scene 3: What Happens Here?
8.Scene 4: Chorus of Women
9.Scene 4: Chorus of Amputees
10.Scene 4: Chorus of Freedmen
11.Scene 4: Chorus of Nurses
12.Scene 4: Chorus of Businessmen
13.Scene 5: Drinking Song
14.Scene 6: Laura Keene
15.Scene 6: Emancipate your Sorrows
 Act II
16.Scene 1: Father and Daughter
17.Scene 1: I Feel a Draft
18.Scene 1: Asa's Letter
19.Scene 1: A Moneyed Man
20.Scene 3: Introductions
21.Scene 3: Possum Herding
22.Scene 3: Lincoln
Disc 2 
 Scene 1: In the Dairy
1.Scene 1: Sic Semper Booth
2.Scene 5: Blood Stains

News and Press

[CD Review] Music Web International reviews Eric Sawyer: Our American Cousin

Just in time for the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln comes this ambitious opera from American composer Eric Sawyer and librettist John Shoptaw. This is courtesy of the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, an exciting program of releases focusing on modern American music.

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