October 2009
Disc 1: 75:20
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

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Track listing

Disc 1 
1.Chamber Concerto I (1976)
2.Chamber Concerto II (1976)
3.Chamber Concerto III: Another View (1977, rev. 2007)
4.Chamber Concerto IV (1980-81)
5.Chamber Concerto V: Water Music (1991, rev. 2006-07)
 Chamber Concerto VI: Mr. Jefferson (2007, rev. 2008)
6.I. The Inventor
7.II. The Violin
8.III. The Garden
9.IV. The Letter
10.V. The Portrait

News and Press

[CD Review] Fanfare reviews Elliott Schwartz: Chamber Concertos I-VI

Elliott Schwartz’s music uses collage to a great degree. Juxtaposition can be stark, including the use of tonal against the non-tonal. Quotations may be present. He also uses “frame notation” extensively, a technique possibly most famously used by Lutosławski.

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